Want FAST Internet in Your Area?

We build fibre networks for the big telecommunication companies and we want to build a fibre network in Your Area so that you too can have high speed, broadband internet. 

With a Fibre Internet connection, things like video streaming (such as Netflix and Showmax which is much cheaper than DSTV), online gaming and various other online applications (for work, education and security) work a lot better.

Having a fibre network in your area can also increase the value of your property.

Fibre internet packages start from around R600 per month, which is not much more than what old, outdated ADSL lines cost. 

Before we can start building the fibre network we need confirmation that enough people in Your Area are interested in getting high speed internet. 

We need at least 30% of all homes in Your Area to add themselves to the list of interested people.

Get added to the list of interested people

Please also get your friends and family to add themselves to this list. The more people we get on this list the quicker we can get started.

Show your interest by completing the form below

Pleases note that this is ONLY to express your interest.
You will NOT be contractually liable for anything after completing this form.
IMPORTANT: In order for your submission to count we need your full details
i.e. first name, surname, street number, street name, and telephone number.

Your data will be kept private.  
It will only be shared with the telecommunication companies for the purpose of getting fibre to your area.