About Us

We design and build fibre networks for the large telecommunication operators.

We have built fibre networks for:

  • Dark Fibre Africa – one of the largest open access fibre companies in South Africa.
  • The Gauteng Provincial Government.
  • Vodacom (FTTH Networks)

Currently we design and build FTTH (Fibre to the Home) networks to bring high speed fibre internet to residential areas.

Once we build these networks they are then transferred to the large open access operators.

Various Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) such as Afrihost, Cybersmart and so on will then provide internet connectivity services using this infrastructure.


Why choose us?

Our primary aim is to get a fibre network built in your area as quickly as possible.

We are not tied into a single provider such as a Vumatel or Openserv (Telkom) who may take a long while before they get around to building a network in your area.

We approach multiple operators and will work with whoever is interested in moving the quickest.

All that we initially need is that you show your interest in getting fibre into your area.

You do this by completing a form on our website.

This does not tie you into any contract. It is simply to indicate your interest.

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Our Process

In order to build a fibre network in any area, the telecommunication operators we work with need to know that it is commercially viable for them.

There are many factors that they look at, but one of the most important is what % of households in the area are interested in getting fibre internet.

Usually, they require that at least 30% of the households in an area show their interest in getting fibre internet.

Therefore, one of our first steps is to ask everyone in an area to show their interest by completing a form on our website.


Why get Fibre Internet?

ADSL runs on copper lines which is outdated.

Fibre based internet is much faster and opens up a whole new world of applications.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Video Streaming e.g. Netflix which costs around R100 per month for a huge range of movies and shows.
  • Security applications e.g. with fibre you can have online cameras throughout your suburb, which can allow for crime prevention and quick response times.
  • Educational applications
  • Online gaming

Having fibre in your area should also improve the value of property in the area.


Any Questions?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


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